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ITB – Industrie Tessili Bresciane, member of the Germany-based Heimbach Group is an Italian manufacturer of seamless felts and belts.
The ITB Textiles Division supplies the textile industry with a wide range of seamless felts and belts which have become over the years a reference standard in terms of quality and performance for any textile finishing department.
ITB can boast several top-of-the-range needling machines, which make the production of smooth, flexible and non marking felt belts a reality.
Among the product range, we count on felts for Decatizing, Compacting, Sanforizing, Transfer Printing machines, as well as Silicone Coated Belts for high-performance continuous pressing/setting machines for woollen and wool blended fabrics.
With a strong worldwide presence, ITB has been focusing in the last few years on the Asian markets, where its felts and belts have met with strong success with both end users and machine manufacturers.
A young, highly motivated and energetic team has allowed ITB to become a well-established brand name among the price-conscious Asian textile finishing mills and machine manufacturers who are now ready to enjoy the stellar quality of ITB felt belts.


Via Z. Isacco 4, 22046 Merone (Co), Italy

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Tel: +39 031 650106
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Via Z. Isacco 4, 22046 Merone (Co), Italy
Product: Belts, Felts

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